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Be Well - 4 Week Jump Start Programs
Be Transformed With These Mind-Body Renewal Sessions!

Both Programs Include:

  • Be Well 4 Life Assessment

  • 3 one on one Holistic Health Coach Sessions

  • 4 Weeks of Plant-Based Meals

  • Virtual Workout Access

  • Private Facebook Group Access

  • 4 Focused Lifestyle Health Group Sessions By Dr. Asena Madison

Cure Diabetes

 Topics include: The Real Cause of Diabetes, Keto Vs. Plant Based Diet, Benefits of Plant-Based Diet to Reverse or Prevent Diabetes or Pre-diabetes.  

Virtual/In Person

Eat To Live

Topics Include: Lifestyle Medicine Tips for Weight Loss and Optimal Health. There Are 20+ Benefits of Eating To Live. Find Your "Why" Below. Learn Cutting Edge Nutrition Facts to Support Your "Why" Through This Program.

Virtual Only

Find Your Why - Image.png

Be Informed

Be Well 4 Life 1-on-1 assessment with Dr. Asena Madison & Physical Therapist, Dr. Matthew Mattox. We create your initial care plan with the following:

- A Physical Movement Screening

- A Tanita Optimal Health Assessment- Establish your baseline with measurements of your weight, body mass index, body fat %, body water %, bone mass, visceral fat, basal metabolic rate, and physique rating.

- Blood drawn so we know your pre-program numbers (if not done in the past month). You will be surprised how much they can change in 4 weeks of clean eating and lifestyle changes!

- Medication and Medical History

Be Fed

4-week Plant-Based Meal Prep is included and prepared by Chef Beasley.

Have the hard work done for you! "Eat Clean" with a menu based on Eat To Live by Dr. Joel Furhman. This meal plan will accelerate your results. Side effects may include resolution of diabetic neuropathy, lower blood sugar levels, medication reduction or elimination, 10-15 pound weight loss of body fat. 

You are committing to a 3-week detox - clean eating that is dairy-free, gluten-free, no sugar added, and animal protein-free.

Twice a week meal pickup for meals from the Garden of Eden Health Center, so that meals are FRESH! *local residents only


Virtual "How to Meal Prep with Chef Beasley" sessions included. Learn common meal prep techniques, and how to add the finishing touches on your 4-week meal plans. Ask your FAQ's to the Chef. Learn how to make simple, creative, and tasty meals as you learn how to Eat to Live!

Be Fit

Learn how to move naturally. Prepare to engage in a variety of exercises from beginners to advanced workouts.

Virtual workouts will be provided for online access anytime. Some sessions will be facilitated by a professional trainer. 

Be Practical

You will get 3, 1-on-1 holistic health coaching sessions to personalize your experience. Learn what works for you to ensure your short and long-term success, and overcome your personal hurdles to implementing good lifestyle choices. Change can be difficult, so learn strategies to customize a success plan for you! 

Guided Grocery Shopping Trip - learn how to navigate the grocery store, read food labels, and discover new food alternatives. Location & Date TBD.

Be Mindful

Learn practical tips on mindful eating, destressing techniques, and how to overcome emotional eating. Sugar, Fat, and Salt are addictive, so breaking up can be hard to do.

Stressors come to us all, so learn from a mental health specialist how to navigate challenges and keep your health a priority! Learn to listen to and care for your soul in this journey.

Be Connected

We are better together and encourage each other in this journey. Join our private Facebook Page where we will share tips, testimonies, and homework assignments.

Be Optimized

Optional Recommended Nutritional Supplement Plan- Youngevity 90 Essential Nutrients for Life! This nutritional supplement plan contains 90 essential nutrients, 60 essential minerals, 16 essential vitamins, Fatty Acids, and 12 Amino Acids.

The best supplement nutrition package will be recommended for you during your Be Well 4 Life 1-on-1 Assessment with physician guidance from Dr. Asena Madison, based on your optimal health screening. Start your personalized assessment and bring your results to your consultation. 

Financial Planning Session

Know the details of your financial investment and what your insurance covers. This program is a combination of cash and insurance-based coverage. Final pricing depends on your individual insurance plan. There is also a cash price investment for uninsured or high deductible insurance plans.

Call our office to set up your financial planning session with the office administrator. (804)-362-7372 ext. 1001 

**Financial Session required BEFORE start of program for each participant to determine final investment based on your insurance plan and in/out of state meal and supplement plan.

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