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4-Week Jump Start Program

Be Well-Cure Diabetes

Thursday, March 31- Thursday, April 21

Sessions from 4-5:30pm


Topics Include

  • The Real Cause of Diabetes 

  • Keto Vs. Plant Based Diet

  • Benefits of Plant Based Diet to Reverse or Prevent Diabetes 

  • Pre-diabetes


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For your Weight Loss, Disease Reversal, Medication Reduction, Age-Reversing, Immune, and Energy Boosting goals through lifestyle changes. Come and Be Inspired, Be Renewed, and Be In Health! 


While you learn to Eat to Live,  we adapt your meal plan based on your goals and readiness for change. We promote whole food, plant-based nutrition, which is evidence-based and proven to help prevent, reverse, and cure diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, certain cancers, and other diseases. 

Your 8-week mind & body transformation starts with a mandatory EAT CLEAN CLASS on Tuesday,  November 30th @6:30pm-8pm hosted by Dr. Asena Madison.  In-person or virtually.


With your weekly virtual group medical visits led by Dr. Asena Madison -- every Tuesday 6:30-7:30 pm. You will have archive access to these classes x 3 months. Each one-hour class will feature:

  • Cutting-edge Nutrition facts & Coaching by medical doctor Asena Madison, MD

  • Open question and answer session

  • Food demonstrations, recipes, or food options for practical use

  • Workouts led by Trainer, Maria Jones of Body by Maria


With Personal Trainer Maria Jones and Dr. Asena Madison. We want to ensure you shed up to 20 pounds of excess body fat in 8 weeks and reach your WHY:

  • Private group, 2x weekly in-person workout sessions led by a Personal Trainer

  • 2 months all-access gym membership pass at Body by Maria

  • Daily food review, accountability, and motivational coaching

  • Weekly body update photo & sculpting tips managed by Maria

  • You will have clear before and after results! 


With your Pain and Movement Evaluation with chiropractor Dr. Kimberly McCutchen, D.C. *required prior to program launch. Schedule your session NOW, by November 30th. Schedule Here.

  • 45 minute 1 on 1 session to evaluate your movement and pain points

  • Ensure safer workouts and modifications for your body

  • Identify muscles to strengthen during your journey to avoid injuries


And Know your numbers with your 1 on 1 medical and medication consult with Dr. Asena Madison. Appointments open NOW.  *required prior to program launch.  

(bring a printed copy of lab results if you had them done recently in the last 3 months)

Labs include:

  • BMP or CMP (kidney function)

  • Hgb A1C (diabetes screen/status)

  • Lipid Panel (cholesterol)

  • Homocysteine (inflammation marker)

  • Vitamin D

Book: Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Furhman. Purchase online at Amazon. 



To Invest in Yourself financially with this power-packed support team with medical doctor Asena Madison, MD, Personal Trainer, and chiropractor and health coach Kimberly McCutchen, D.C. 


This program is Flexible Spending Account (FSA) & Health Savings Account (HSA)  payment eligible. Financial investment payment plans are available for your budget. Insurance is billed for each group medical virtual visit session. Financial Consultations are available with Dr. Asena Madison to discuss your investment or alternative pricing options.

Find YOUR Why and Register Today

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